STARLION Education Services Co., Inc.

Operating in private education services by holding nation-wide private education brand of Doğa College's Iskenderun Branch at one of the biggest education complexes in the region.

Doğa College's History and Growth

Doğa Schools was founded with one campus in 2002. Since then the Founders have been working constantly to actualize their vision and simultaneously increase the quality. During 2005-2006, Doğa College saw a significant growth and opened over 5 campuses in Istanbul. In 2008, Doğa College's campuses began to be established in various cities around Turkey. Within a few years Doğa College saw a tremendous growth and success and in 2013, an additional 13 new campuses opened in Istanbul and currently there are 40 in Istanbul alone. In 2013, Doğa also continued with the expansion throughout different cities in Turkey. As of the academic year of 2018 -2019 Doğa has a total of 123 campuses in Turkey. In two years it is expected to expand this number to 200 in Turkey.