GT Filter

  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter

Natural Gas or Crude Oil fired power plants use gas turbine to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional simple-cycle plant. Proper air filtration is critical to the overall performance and reliability of gas turbines. Fuel costs approach 80 percent of the life cycle cost of electricity. Small gains in efficiency can mean huge savings. The decision criteria required in selecting an optimum air filtration solution, with the goal of maximizing gas turbine availability and lowering operating costs.


  • Static and Pulse Filter Options

The correct type of filter (pulse or static) should be used for the specific project environmental conditions and specific contaminants. In general, a pulse or self-cleaning type inlet air filter should be used when operating in conditions where dust or sand storms can occur. Pulse filters have been successfully used in very dusty environments, such as steel mills, cement plants, the Middle East environments, or areas where sand or dust storms are prevalent, even with high humidity.
Pulse filters are also utilized when a turbine is being operated in an environment with significant loading of snow or ice crystals. Although a static filter can be used in these environments if there is a properly designed conditioning system upstream (e.g., heating coils, bleed air or other hot air conditioning), pulse systems are the most reliable for preventing filters plugging due to cold weather moisture. Another advantage of pulse filter systems, particularly for peak loading turbines, is that the filters can be pulsed when the unit is not in operation, which provides maximum effectiveness to the pulse cleaning, so the filters can be “cleaned” and ready for the next start-up. The expectation from pulse cleaning featured filter is to satisfy F9 standards and arrestance of 0,4 μm and over particle size dust. Percentage of average efficiency at 0,4 μm should be %90 and over. Gains in efficiency mean plant safety. The advantage of pulse cleaning filter is longevity (long life filters); does not need to change filters in a short time. It also gain from operating costs.

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