Construction Chemicals

  • Construction Chemicals

1- Adhesive Mortars

Ceramic, Granite, Thick Bearing Ceramic, Glass Brick, Aerated Concrete, Acrylic Based and Styrofoam Adhesive Mortars.

2- Joint Fillers

With 48 color choice.

3- Ready Plasters

Perlitic Ready, Ready Rough, Ready Machine Rough, Ready Fine, San, Styrofoam and San Paste Plasters.

4- Technical Mortars

Waterproofing Mortar -Double Component- , Repair Mortar -Thin, Thick-, Surface Hardener, Self-Leveling Screed.

5- Auxiliary Chemical Addives

Compact Primer, Matex, Mat Primer, Mat Cure Acrylic Based and Mat Cure Resin Based Concrete Curing Materials.