About Us

A Leading Enterprise in Turkey with Significant Growth & Investments

Established in 1986 by YILDIZ Family, a family engaged in trading activities over Middle East and Africa, wheeled by Metin YILDIZ since the 1990s, currently operates in sectors of foreign trade, construction, medical, mining, real estate investment, logistics, energy, and education, YALIM Group has become one of the leading and most successful groups of companies in Turkey by following the rules and ethical values of corporate governance throughout its journey of over 30 years.

The main business principle of YALIM Group is being trustworthy company that is the most important aspect in culture and trade relations. In this regard, The Group has paid big attention to complete each project on the time, achieved a great success in very short term and maintained its reputation and pride of service quality up to the date.  

In the early stage of business, the Group has specialized in trading of a wide array of equipment and building materials for construction industry. Especially, after establishing a branch in Libya in 2006 and exporting a great number of construction materials and equipment to this country, its annual export sales volume rapidly increased to over a hundred million USD. Afterwards, another branch established in Dubai, U.A.E. in 2010 has guided the Group to specialize in providing a variety of agricultural products and foodstuff -especially sugar, grains and vegetable oils that comply with European standards and to get high sales figure more than half million tons per year in these products. The Group has directed its funds, sourcing from foreign trade channels to other group activities such as construction, medical, mining and real estate investment, which resulted in expanded overall turnover.

Achieving consistent growth both in Turkey and abroad since its foundation, the Group has acquired several private companies in Medical and Mining sectors to strengthen its presence and capabilities. In this direction, the Group has invested significant funds into Iskenderun Gelisim Hospital Inc. in 2008 to create one of the largest private general hospitals in Southeast of Mediterranean Region of Turkey, and owned %15.05 of Aldridge Minerals Inc. in 2011 operating in Gold-Copper-Zinc mine-fields in Turkey, a company traded on TSX Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada. Furthermore, the division of Real Estate & Investment has also acquired some rewarding plots in Bodrum, a well-know touristic city in the Southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey and in Iskenderun, a port city in the Southeastern of Mediterranean Region of Turkey in order to develop various social and touristic projects for the purpose of adding value to the cities. The Group’s Construction division has also built significant domestic housing, commercial, and industrial projects. In 2019, The Group has acquired its rival in medical sector, Palmiye Hospital which serves a general hospital and distinguished by being most developed maternity hospital in the region.

Today, the Group is recognized with its prestige, strong financial structure and reliability demonstrated by its continual activities across different countries over Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe by strong cooperation with globally recognized companies, and employs about 1,400 people at its affiliates. The Group stands out by focusing on carrying its existence into the future with its vision of social responsibility and sustainable growth.