We provide logistics services to world’s leading institutions and its customers with Type A General Bonded Warehouses and Indoor Storage Areas, approximately with a total bulk capacity of 90.000-ton, to keep their non-nationalized cargo at its warehouses in a damage-free, safe and clean way until they finalize the import procedures or actualize the sales. Also, being made the storage management properly and in time, aims helping in terms of providing accuracy in the stock and product delivery.

The location of our warehouses satisfies the needs of traders and manufacturers in domestic market as well as those in Iraqi and Syrian markets, as the city holds strategic position in logistics such as well-developed utilities, infrastructure, and proximity.

Features and Advantages

  • Perfect location, (it is only 1.8 km from LIMAK, 10 km from ASSAN, 14 km from ISDEMIR and 20 km from MMK Seaports.),
  • In total 79.956 cbm (61.020 ton – %6 compacted) Bulk Grain Capacity with 11 units equal silos (each 6.663 cbm / 5.085 ton), suitable for Wheat, Corn and Barley.
  • In total 6.600 sqm Indoor Storage Areas with 5 separate halls, suitable for Fertilizers, Wheat, Corn, Barley and other Bulk Cargo.
  • Insurance covered against all risks,
  • Safe and quick loading/unloading operations by latest high technology equipments,
  • 24-hour working time for staff and security officers,
  • 24 hours continuous recording surveillance / camera system throughout the warehouses.