Merchant Bars

  • Merchant Bars

Equal Angles
(Size: from 19x19x2 mm to 120x120x12 mm. Length: 6‐12 M)
(Acc. to DIN 1028 or EN 10056 Standards)

IPN, IPE and UPN Beams (Profiles)
(Size: 80 mm to 160 mm. Length: 6-­12 M)
(Acc. to DIN 1025, EN 10024 or ASTM Standards)

Square and Rectangular Hollow SecIons
(Size: from 10x10x0.7mm to 200x200x10 mm Length: 4-­13 M)
(Acc. to EN 10305-­3, ASTM 500 or DIN 17100 Standards)

Square, Round and Flat Bars, Tubes and Pipes
(Size: from 8 mm to 25 mm. Length: 6-­12 M)
(Acc. to DIN 1013-­4-7, EN 58-­59-­60 or ASTM A 6 Standards)